Balsham ( Buildings ) Ltd are structural steel fabricators and cladding contractors with over 30 years experience. We specialise in the provision of steel framed buildings and the repair and refurbishment of existing structures and cladding systems. We will endeavour to provide a cost effective package, tailored to suit your personal requirements. Balsham (Buildings) mission is to continually improve our products and services to meet our customer’s needs. By doing so we aim to prosper and grow as an organisation, allowing us to provide an acceptable return for our shareholders, the owners of our business.

Quality - Remains at the forefront of our activities. Quality ensures customer satisfaction and the elimination of waste, both of which in turn deliver profitability. We will always strive to do things right first time.
Health and Safety - Will never be compromised. If the task is unsafe, we will not fulfil the task until a safe method of execution is established.
Customers - Are the focus of our activities. We aim to deliver our products better than our competitors in order to ensure our customers come back time after time.
Suppliers - Our suppliers are our partners. As such we expect the highest levels of service at reasonable cost. In turn we will always treat them fairly, and where possible, maintain continuity of work.
Environment - We will always respect the environment, and strive to ensure that our operations do not cause damage.
Integrity - We will act with integrity in all matters. Our activities will be socially responsible and will be founded on ethical behaviour, equality and lawfulness.

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